Discovery Wall
The first installation you see is a 7-foot wall mural composed entirely of pencils. Each pencil has an area of study from the school and an interesting fact associated with that study engraved. Potential students are encouraged to explore the wall and take a pencil that reflects a field of study they might be interested in. This short but meaningful exercise simulates the self-discovery students will embark on as a student at Grinnell.
Grinnellian Reach
The second exhibit is a 40ft dimensional map of the globe with the supporting copy that reads "The world needs Grinnellians". This Mural was designed to reinforce both the diversity of the student population, as well as the impact Grinnell students continue to have on the world.
Window into Grinnell
The third exhibit is referred to as the window into Grinnell. At 8 ft tall, this digital display cycling through 4k campus life videos, gives students a glimpse into life in all four seasons on the campus. Additionally, every 30 minutes the display rotates through alumni, their field of study, and where they came from. This gives students a glimpse into their own potential future and highlights the diversity and breadth of its student population.
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